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Location:Washington, Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Character Info
Clayton Webb
Fandom: JAG
PB: Steven Culp
Media: TV
Phone Number/Voicemail: 555-6522

Physical Description:
Clayton Webb is about 40 years old.

He's 5'11"/1.8m tall, has green eyes and dark hair; being a former athlete he has stayed fit and muscled.

Webb usually wears expensive three piece suits (blue or black in winter, light beige or cream in summer) and dress shoes. With his suits he wears suspenders rather than a belt. He's got a black briefcase.

When he dresses down it's usually slacks and a polo shirt or a colored or patterned dress shirt paired with deck shoes.

On his right hand he wears a golden class ring with a red gem.

Webb speaks with a slight east coast accent and gestures a lot while speaking. When he gets angry or upset, he puts his hands on his hips, yet when he sits, it's usually in a relaxed manner, bordering on slumped if the seat and situation allow for it.

If you want to know more about Webb, there's a post on his background here and a little about his personality here.

This account serves roleplaying purposes only and is in no way affiliated with Belisarius Productions or Steven Culp.
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