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On the outside, Clay is cool, calculating, the man in charge. He lies and uses others to reach his goals, it's the life of a spook. Being a loner is helpful here, if he doesn't let anyone close, it matters less if he deceives them.

Ultimately he does let people get under his skin, though. But it takes a lot of time for him to build up that trust.

Part of his keeping people at bay is to protect them. His is a dangerous job and people involved with him can too easily get into dangerous situations, too.

The one person he really fully trusts is his mother. She always knows where he is and how to get in touch.

He does have a good heart, though, and more than once leaks out classified information or pulls strings and calls in favours to help those he finally considers friends. And when he loves, he will do everything he can to protect those people, be it his mother or a partner. If he fails to do so, it hits him hard, he considers it a failure on his part no matter what the reasons are. He is prone to reach for alcohol to cover up the pain.